Book review: Cinder Creative Coding Cookbook

I cannot deny that I was very excited to check out this title. Not only because it is writing by one of the most creative and technical skilled computational designers nowadays, but to see how a rich and sometimes complex toolkit as Cinder could be presented in a series of ‘recipes’. Even more, how topics such as computer vision, media and simulation engines could be presented on a friendly still in-deep way.

The book targets a broad audience, raging from designers and creative coders to iOS and multimedia developers. However, I have the impression that the reader would profit the most by having a background in Cinder of any the creative coding frameworks available (Processing, OpenFrameWorks, etc.). Familiarity with modern c++ is also advisable as the book makes heavy use of namespaces, containers, generic programming and, in the case of the iOS recipes, some Cocoa Touch concepts (events, etc).

I like the organisation of the book and the way recipes are presented. Each one of the recipes has a very friendly way to present the information helping the reader to understand the why and how of each one of the topics presented. In particular I enjoyed the first chapter where the reader is introduced to the basics of setting up a Cinder application altogether with a detailed description of the functions that make the life cycle of an app.

Rui and Dawid have managed to write a very instructive and concise book. I am looking forward for future contributions to the growing literature in creative coding.

Cinder cookbook

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