Book review: Cinder – Begin Creative Coding

Being one of the youngest and most powerful creative coding libraries, Cinder is a complex and elegant toolkit written in C++. Due the professional nature of its implementation, it is also one of the hardest to learn. This book will guide the reader from setting up a basic Cinder project to create graphics using OpenGL and Cairo, create sound playbacks and the use of user events.
Targeted for artists and designers, the book hides all the complex C++ technical details in order to introduce the user to specific topics. Each chapter is precise and concise, addressing specific technical problems with a direct and friendly language. For instance,
Chapter 8 has a nice introduction to 3D and how matrix stacks work. Although a little opaque, the chapter tackles the complex topic of OpenGL in a friendly way.
The book opens with a definition of creative coding and how to setup the library. It also makes a clear distinction between the use Cinder on mac and on windows. Chapter 2 gives a general overview of what the library is capable of doing.
Chapter 3 is an introduction to the development IDE and Cinder native tool ‘TinderBox’.
Chapters 4 to 8 deal with the topic of computer graphics. Chapter 9 and 10 provide a final overview to the use of sound files and events.The book finishes with an useful appendix of the Cinder types, a valuable technical resource for the beginner.
Leaving the reader at the gates of boost, STL, GLSL and elsewhere, this book is an interesting incorporation to the emerging creative c++ coding literature.

I think this book is a starting point for beginners willing to jump into to huge ocean of c++. I would recommend getting along a good c++ and openGL reference, patience to handle the IDE and lot of good will. The experience will pay back!

Link to the book:
Creative Coding with Cinder

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